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Cats Calling Back offers space for people, especially female identifying, non-binary and trans people, to call back at those who have sexually harassed them, whether that’s street harassment or catcalling, or sexual assault in any form.

It is a safe space for airing of grievances, conversation, support, validation, and commiseration. The infographic below goes in to more detail about how it works! 

Untitled_Artwork 20.png

Articles about Cats Calling Back can be found at these links on Huff Post, YourStory, and InnerVoice. An article I wrote about it can be found on The Only Space.

If you’d like to submit a story, please complete the form here OR email catscallingback@gmail.com. Stories will be published on Instagram (@hannahbelle.michelle). I so look forward to hearing anything you are willing to share.