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An artist, writer, and educator, Hannah Michelle Provisor is always looking for engaging ways to empower, encourage and educate children and teens. From concept to copy and illustration to curricula, Hannah is dedicated to breaking down important topics and making them accessible for young people of all backgrounds.

Currently living in Los Angeles, you can usually find her knee deep in children’s books on the floor of a local bookstore, or wandering around a farmers’ market.

As an illustrator, her focus is on drawing for feminists, kids, and feminist kids! She believes wholeheartedly in using art as activism to talk about social justice and inequality.

She also loves supporting women in all of their endeavors, and has created brand illustrations for several women-owned small businesses, which you can view here.

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Her writing stems from this same passion for social justice. You can find a few of the articles she has penned on topics such as street harassment, navigating the world as a woman, and being an activist on the internet here

From 2017 to 2020, she worked on a project called Cats Calling Back which told the stories of (mostly) women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted. For more info on Cats Calling Back, you can check out this article in Huffington Post or go to the Cats Calling Back page of this website for more links.

Hannah also worked on the illustration team for Our Streets Now, a campaign aiming to end street harassment in the UK through education and legislation. 

Currently open for commissions.
Contact her here

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Couplet Queer Art Show 2022

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